Second International Business and Cultural Women’s Forum

Second International Business and Cultural Women’s Forum was held in October 22-24 in Samarkand and in Tashkent.

The Forum was organized by:  SABR Socio Economic Development Center (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), The haven Wolverhampton (Great Britain), Social Initiative Support Fund (SISF), Republican Public Assiciation “Women’s council”, UNDP project “Inclusive Employment and Social Partnership” Uzbekistan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, The British Council, Uzbekistan.

The topic of the Forum – “Social Entrepreneurship Development: experience and strategies”. The programme included: case studies’ presentations in the field of business, science, education, culture, civil society institutes’ activity and mass media in their work of decision of social tasks, as well as development strategy of social entrepreneurship inUzbekistan.

The goal of the Forum: cooperation between two countries development – Great Britain and Uzbekistan in the fields of business, education, culture and civil sector, cooperation strategy elaboration as to the development of social partnership in Uzbekistan.

Participants:  women NGO representatives, representatives from education, culture, business spheres, banking system, academic and analytical structures, senators, deputies of both Chambers of the Parliament, key Ministries’ representatives, Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, mass media and guests from Great Britain, Russia, Japan, India, experts on social partnership in their spheres of activity.

At the end of the Forum the participants proposed to continue their partnership and sharing the experience in the field of social entrepreneurship and cooperation in the development of women’s movement of two countries.

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