Forum “Socio-economic initiatives of women in Uzbekistan”

May 28, 2008  Forum “Socio-Economic initiatives of women in Uzbekistan” was held in Uzbekistan, Samarkand. It was initiated by the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, Samarkand City Hall, SABR Socio-Economic Development Center with participation of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The aim of the conference: joint action program development by women-leaders from modern Uzbekistan, directed to sustainable socio-economic development of the country, strengthening of the achievements in the frameworks of state conditions for the development of women entrepreneurs, access of women to financial resources, civil society development, national traditions of morality support and prolongation, women’s competitive abilities confirmation both locally and abroad.

The participants of the conference: deputy prime Minister of Uzbekistan, deputy senator of the Parliament of Uzbekistan, Legislative Chamber deputies of the Parliament, deputy Chair of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chair of the Microcredit Bank of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Labor and Employment representatives, Ministry of Justice and Taxation Committee representatives, business, deputy Hokims – Chairs of Women’s Committees of Karakalpakstan and other Republics of Uzbekistan, OO “Women’s Council” and state bodies’ representatives, NGOs of Samarkand oblast. International guests from Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia, UNDP, ADB, British Embassy in Uzbekistan representatives. Total: 119 people.

Main topics for discussion:

  • participation of women in socio-economic development of Uzbekistan. Role and place of women in the society: social stereotypes and real potential in public life, governance and business. Link of national traditions, morality with the ideas of women’s leadership in modern society.
  • socially responsible business – peculiarity of women’s entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan. Business through the prism of responsibility – is the condition of long-term economic interests, people’s wellbeing improvement. Socio-economic mechanisms in solving priority social tasks of mahalla, region, city, country.
  • women entrepreneurs and public organizations. Consolidation and ways of women organizations in Uzbekistan to achieve publically important goals of the national scale.
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