Local development Center was opened in Samarkand city

Next LDC was opened in August 15,  2014 in Samarkand city.

Local development Center in Samarkand city

There was  planned opening of two new Local Development Centers (LDC) in the rural  regions within the limits of  the project “Support to theLocal Community Development for sustainable Livelihood and Improvement of living Standards in Rural Area” by the program  of IBPP of European Union  an d supporting of activity of already functioning center in Urgut district.  But after opening an d presentation of t he LDC in Akdarya district  the Center “SABR” received a lot of calls and applications from inhabitants of other rural districts  ofSamarkandregion  with request to open such centers in  other districts.

There was decided to open the next Local Development Center in Samarkand city for involving of m ore quantity of young women from all regions having taken into account the financial and organizational opportunities and many requests of the inhabitants. Samarkandpedagogical college came out as an interested and reliable partner in this matter, where study 1500 students from different districts of the region. The regional department of secondary special professional education also supported this idea. On 15th of August, 2014 has been opened theLocalDevelopmentCenter in pedagogicalcollege ofSamarkand city after the relevant memorandums within the limits of the project.

One of the tasks of the realized project is development of the stab le social partnership  between the representatives of NGO, local societies, authorities  for the purpose of improvement strengthening of  rendering of  the social services to the vulnerable groups  of population.

Administration of the college carried out works on preparation of education al premises and training center along with the resource library which after were equipped with sewing machine, computers, hairdressing  and confectionary equipment, furniture etc.  within the limits of the project.

Now the students of pedagogical college and women from the nearest civilian communities free of charge receive professional skills on dressmaking, computer, hairdressing and confectionary   in the Loca lDevelopment Center.

The specialists of the center “SABR” carry out trainings on effective communication, basics of business management and marketing, healthy lifestyle, psychology of relationships in the family.

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