Olyi Madzhlis Project

In the frameworks of the project from October 2011 to March 2012 target groups were formed in three regions of Samarkand oblast from among youth and women from low income families, disabled people included. Tutors with appropriate qualification were selected.

In Payarik region tutor EsirgapovaNasibatrained 15 girls patch-work skills, embroidery and national dolls and fairy characters’ production. In Tailak region tutor GafurovaMatluba also trained 15 girls carpet weaving skills. In Pastargom region Tutor UlugmuradovaOltinoy trained her pupils to restore and make national chests, framed in metal.

To help participants form entrepreneurship skills and organize independent business enterprises in future the following training modules were developed and delivered by our training team: “Successful communication. Leadership skills formation”; “Marketing skills”; “Business management”.

Capabilities, talents and abilities of women were revealed during the project. The project favored preservation of national craft traditions and helped their further development and continuation. Women’s self- esteem grew,  empowerment  of disabled people and youth grew tremendously.

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